Section 1                The club shall be known at OC PROST







Section 1                                  The objectives of the Club are: To develop friendship and goodwill and promote understanding among men and women executives in the travel and transportation industries.


Section 2                  The Club shall in no case:


(a)      Be used to further business interest of an individual member

(b)      Impose any restrictions arising from different social standards, race religion, and politics                                   .


(c)       Be used in any way as a commercial enterprise for profit.


Section 3                   The organization shall be deemed a non-profit organization according                   .          to the laws of the State of California







Section 1                   The Club shall be governed in accordance with the bylaws by the Executive Board comprising of no less than six nor more than nine officers and members, all of whom shall be elected in January.


Section 2                   The officer shall be: President, Vice-President-Membership, Vice President-Venues,Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and Past President.


Section 3                   The retiring President shall serve on the Executive Committee for one year following the retiree’s term of office, retaining Executive Committee privileges.


Section 4                   In the event of resignation of any board member or officer, or if a vacancy is created by other causes during the term of office, the board shall appoint a qualified club member to serve the unexpired term


Section 5                     There will be an Advisory Committee, comprised of all Past Presidents,                                            






Section 1                     Active Membership shall be extended only by invitation in accordance with the bylaws. 

(a)     Votes shall be taken from the Clubs’ membership in writing and an 85% acceptance of the returned ballots by the general membership is required.


(b)     Ballots to be counted by the Vice President- Membership and approved by the President.


(c)      New Members will be considered and voted on twice a year at the Boards discretion. New members must be proposed by two active members. Proposal to be submitted              in writing along with an application form and business card of the candidate.


Section 2                   There will be three classes of membership: Active, Life, and Past Presidents


Section 3                   The active membership shall be limited.  A candidate shall be occupying an active position or, equivalent in one of the classifications listed below. A member’s place of business shall be within the Los Angeles or Orange Counties.  The member must have a minimum of five year’s service in travel or an allied field.


1. Travel Advisors &  Indepandant Contractors 

2. Airline                                                             

3. Misc.(Active Associate, Media, Tourist Offices,

    Representation Firms, etc.}           

4. Hotels, Motels, Resorts                  

5. Cruise Lines                                      

6. Tour Wholesalers                              


                           Total membership to be a combination of the above and not to                                      exceed 99 in number.


(b  Increase in active membership. An increase in the number of Active Members may be made upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.


(d)  Active Member Change of Employment.  An active member who changes employment has the right to change categories within the organization.


(e)  Should a member terminate active employment, the Executive committee must be advised in writing to the Vice-President.  The name will remain on the roster for a period of six months at which time, if not employed, the name will be removed and membership cancelled.  During this time, dues are to remain current. Failure to do so will result in loss of membership.  At the time of re-employment, the name will have priority status on the waitlist of their respective category.


(f)   A request for leave of absence, for any reason, with the exception of Termination of employment, must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee for approval.  The name will remain on the roister for a period of ninety days at which time, if the member has not returned to active status, the name will be removed and membership held on a waitlist until such time as that member becomes available.  Dues are to remain current in order for member to retain active status; failure to do so means loss of membership.


Section 4           Life Membership. An Active Member who has retired from the travel industry and who has been Active Member for 10-years or more may be granted Life Membership upon approval of the Executive Committee.  Life Members have no voting privileges and are exempt from paying annual dues.


Section  5          Past Presidents shall remain active members of the Club, retaining voting privileges. They shall not count as part of the classifications noted above and will be exempt from paying annual dues.







Section 1           Meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month. Guests from related fields may be invited by a current member as long as they are hosted by that member. Non hosted guests cannot be accommodated


(a)  Every Member (defined as Active) shall be required to attend at least 5 called meetings in each calendar year.  A member missing more than three consecutive meetings shall be notified and subject to membership review by the Executive Committee.


Section 2           RSVP’s.  All reservations and payment must be received by noon the Thursday prior to the Wednesday luncheon. If the RSVP is not received by this date, the luncheon must be paid at the door at the door price. Cancellations received after the Monday preceding the luncheon, whether paid for or not payment will be the responsibility of the member and monies will not be refunded.  


Section 3             The Christmas Luncheon is open to all members. Those who have attended a minimum of five (5) luncheons during the current calendar year will be invited to attend as guest of OC PROST. Members who have not attended a minimum of five-luncheons during the current calendar year will be invited to attend - space available at the full luncheon price.


Section 4             The regular January Meeting shall be the Annual Meeting with the introduction of the new Board Members.


Section 5             A special meeting of the Club may be called by the Secretary upon written request of not less than one-third of the Active Membership, or by resolution of a majority of the Executive Committee.  Ten days written notice shall be given members


Section 5             Executive Committee Meetings.  The Executive and Advisory Committees shall meet at the discretion of the President, but no less than twice a year.   A special meeting may be called at any time by order of the majority of the Committee.  There must be at least four Board Members present to constitute a quorum.


Section 6             Minutes.  The Secretary shall maintain a copy of the minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings and a brief report of the program presented at the General Meeting.


Section 7             Bylaws. Executive Committee shall have the power to amend the bylaws at any time.


(a)   Any Chapter Member may, at any time, submit in writing to the Executive Committee a proposed amendment to these Bylaws. Immediately upon such approval, the amendment shall become part of the Bylaws.


                                   APPROVED BY: THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

                                                                        Updtaed February 2019